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           Ready to sharpen up those gymnastics skills?! Welcome to a sample of our programming! Each week of Accessory with Alec will have a day of handstand work, bar work, ring work, bodyweight work and accessory/basic gymnastics work. You won't get bored with programing and can choose which skill you would like to work on each day as the week goes on! We truly hope you enjoy these three free days of gymnastics specific programing and would love to have you as part of the Accessory with Alec Team! 

Day 1 (Handstand Work)


Warm Up


2 Sets

Cat/Cow (5 seconds each position 5 times)  

Seal/Puppy Dog (5 seconds each position 5 times)  

Inchworms (10 Reps)  

Wrist 360s (10 circles each directions)  


5 Reps - Wall Walk to 5-10 Second Handstand Hold  

3 Sets

1 Rep - Positional Handstand Flow  

30 Second Hollow Hold  

30 Reps - Shoulder Burners  


Core Finisher 


50 Fish Tails  

25 Triple Touch V-ups  

50 Fish Tails  

25 Triple Touch V-ups



*Videos included with Program*


Day 2 (Bar Work)


Warm Up


2 Sets 

Foam Roll Lats/Upper Back (30 seconds each muscle group) 

Lat/Pec Stretch (30 seconds each arm each movement) 

Dead Hang (30 seconds)  




4 Sets

10 Leg Lifts 

10 Windshield Wipers (R+L=1 Rep)

10 Strict Pull-ups (Weighted if possible, or with band)

20 Wrist-Ups  

Core Finisher

EMOM x 8 Minutes (Every minute on the minute)

10 Hollow Rocks  

Max Reps Sit- Ups

Day 3 (Ring Work)

Warm Up

2 Sets

Foam Roll Lats & Upper Back (30 seconds each muscle group) 

Plate Circles (10 reps forwards and backwards) 

PVC Pass Through (10 Reps)  

Ring Hang (20-30 Seconds) 




5 Sets

7 False Grip Pull Ups or 14 Ring Rows 

21 Second Support Hold (Rings forward) 

7 Tempo Ring Dips (3 sec down, up fast) 

21 Arch Rocks



Accumulate 60 Seconds in a Bottom Position Hold 


Core Finisher


3:00 Plank Hold 

100 Toe Touch 

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